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Embracing the Comedy of Comparisons: My Hilarious and Ongoing Journey

Updated: Jun 17

features a balance scale that has a large sphere on each side. One sphere says "Myself" the other says "Others"
Comparison Scale - Myself vs Others

Hey there, fellow adventurers in the professional jungle! Today, I'm diving back into a topic I've touched on before, but trust me, it's important and anyone could probably relate! Can you imagine looking at your life like a sitcom? Well, I totally can. And if my life were a sitcom, it'd hands down be called "Comparisons Galore." Yes, that's right, we're diving into that delightful rollercoaster ride where I share my wacky escapades with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the ever-present comparison game. So grab your popcorn (or kale chips, if you're feeling virtuous) and let's embark on this hilariously insightful journey together! [**Be sure you read to the end, as I give some tips on how YOU could work through your own escapade AND a little gift from me to you!**]

Episode 1: The Compari-Conundrum

Cue the laugh track! Picture me, surrounded by stacks of my own achievements, yet somehow captivated by the stunning highlight reel of everyone else's success. It's like being a stand-up comedian who's suddenly lost their sense of humor. You see, as a genetic counselor, I've unzipped a few of the secrets hidden in genes (see what I did there?), but I'm still working on decoding the mysteries of my own self-confidence.

Episode 2: Imposter Interlude

Ah, the classic imposter syndrome dance. We've talked about this, right? There I am, in a room full of professionals, my internal monologue doing a stand-up routine titled "Why Do They Even Let Me In?". It's as if my brain missed the memo that I've earned my place through hard work, dedication, and a generous dash of that secret sauce called passion. But no worries, the laugh lines are everywhere as I navigate the war between "I belong here" and "Did they make a mistake?"

Episode 3: The Great Comparison Bake-Off

Imagine a baking competition, but instead of pastries and cinnamon rolls (I'm a sucker for those!), we're whipping up comparisons. Now, I'm a graphic designer, so naturally, I'm excellent at crafting unrealistic visions of other people's careers. "Look at their flawless design, their seamless presentations!" I exclaim, conveniently ignoring the fact that I'm looking at their highlight reel, not the behind-the-scenes blooper reel.

Episode 4: Laughter, My Trusty Sidekick

In the face of these wild escapades, laughter emerges as my most reliable sidekick. It's my cape and my shield, all in one. Although occasional mental breakdowns and moments of crying still make their appearance (after all, I'm human, not a robot), I've learned to chuckle at my own comparisons, scoff at my imposter syndrome's audacity, and embrace the fact that even genetic counselors and graphic designers are human—quirks and all.

Episode 5: Action Steps for Your Own Sitcom Life

Now, what's a sitcom without a moral to the story? Fear not, for I've got some action steps that even the most dedicated viewer can take:

  1. Rewrite Your Script: Swap out those self-deprecating lines for a narrative that reflects your achievements and growth. Highlight reels are nice, but the behind-the-scenes struggles are where the real character development happens. Never forget that! Instead of saying "I will never shine as bright as they do" swap it with "I have my own unique strengths and abilities that shine in different ways".

  2. Break the Fourth Wall: Share your vulnerabilities with someone you trust; a family member, a friend or a mentor. You'll be amazed by how many people are in the same boat, grappling with similar insecurities. You might even want to open your own club!

  3. Celebrate the Blooper Reel: Embrace your failures and mistakes as badges of honor. These are the moments that make your story unique and remind you that success isn't just about hitting milestones; it's about learning and evolving.

  4. Binge-Watch Gratitude: My partner suggested this one to me, and I love it! Instead of marathoning comparison content, binge-watch gratitude instead. Keep a journal of your achievements, big and small, and flip through it whenever the comparison bug strikes. It's amazing to take a step back and see the entire story rather than the not-so-good parts. Perspective, lovely people!

  5. Dance Breaks Mandatory: When in doubt, throw in a spontaneous dance break. Sometimes, all you need to shake off the comparison blues is a funky chicken dance or the Macarena in your living room. [And for those who ask… I am totally an 80's/90's music girl!]

So there you have it, my fellow adventurers. Like many other professionals, my life's sitcom is peppered with comparisons, imposter syndrome, and a whole lot of growth. Remember, it's not about being the main character in someone else's show—it's about owning your own narrative, quirks and all, and realizing that you're the director, writer, and star of your own sitcom masterpiece! You're in control! Keep laughing, keep growing, and keep embracing the comedy of comparisons. Cheers to a life well-lived, one hilarious episode at a time! Until next time, when we'll change it up a bit,

Lots of love and laughter!

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