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Embracing My Creative Journey: Imposter Syndrome as a Genetic Counselor Turned Graphic Designer

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

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Hey y'all lovely readers! It's me, Nira, and I'm excited to share my journey with you today. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and mine took me on a path I didn't think was possible. From a genetic counselor to a graphic designer, it's been an exhilarating ride with its fair share of challenges, one of the most daunting being Imposter Syndrome.

As a genetic counselor, I was deeply passionate about helping families navigate the complexities of inherited conditions and make informed decisions. It was a fulfilling career, but somewhere in my heart, I knew there was another calling waiting to be answered. I had always been drawn to art, design, and aesthetics, but I never really explored those passions fully. Being a naturally anxious person, doubts and fears crept in, and Imposter Syndrome took center stage in my life.

Imposter Syndrome, as many of you may know, is that nagging feeling of inadequacy, even in the face of accomplishments and recognition. As I contemplated my transition into graphic design, I couldn't help but feel like an imposter, doubting my abilities and wondering if I was making a mistake leaving behind the career I invested over a decade in. The creative industry seemed like a different world, and I worried I wasn't going to be taken seriously.

However, one day, I decided it was time to face these fears head-on. I acknowledged that Imposter Syndrome was a real challenge, but it shouldn't hold me back from pursuing my passion. And so, nervous and excited, I took the leap into the world of graphic design.

I still consider myself being at the beginning of my journey, and I probably will for a while. However, when I initially transitioned into this new career, Imposter Syndrome constantly lurked in the shadows, manifesting as self-doubt whenever I faced a new design project or interacted with potential clients or other designers. I found myself questioning whether I truly belonged in this field and whether my genetic counseling background was irrelevant.

But you know what? Slowly but surely, I began to see things differently. I realized that my background as a genetic counselor gave me a unique perspective in design. I could approach projects with empathy, understanding the power of visuals in conveying complex information, just as I did in the genetic counseling world.

I also realized that Imposter Syndrome was something that so many people face, regardless of their chosen career or background. While it wasn't a complete unknown, talking to other creatives or others who transitioned careers, allowed me to truly see that I was not alone in my self-doubt. That realization helped me find a supportive community of people who encouraged me to keep growing and learning.

I started celebrating my accomplishments, no matter how small, and to cut myself some slack when things didn't go as planned. It's okay to make mistakes and have room for improvement; that's how we grow. Embracing my vulnerability and using it as a strength in my work allows me to create designs that truly resonate with others.

Yes, Imposter Syndrome will always be lurking, but started to recognize it as a sign of pushing my boundaries and growing as a graphic designer. I have plenty more room to grow, but I've learned to face it and remind myself that I am deserving of success and happiness on this creative path.

So, if you ever find yourself facing Imposter Syndrome, remember that you are not alone. Embrace your vulnerability and use it as a source of motivation and strength. Surround yourself with genuinely supportive people, celebrate your accomplishments and growth, and be kind to yourself as you continue on your journey. As for me, I'm excited to continue this creative adventure and see where it leads me next!

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