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Designs by NKJ is
your all around graphic design agency. 

With my custom-made designs, I help you get the items you need with a unique and creative edge. Anything from art to education.
In need of logos, infographics, brochures, flyers, post-cards, newsletters, app and/or website design? Maybe you just need invitations, or a nice gift for a genetic counselor, medical provider or simply, a science lover? I provide all this and so much more more.

Just let me know what you need and I'll do the rest! 

Interested in something I may not have? 

No problem! I'd love to create something customized just for you! Let's talk! 

My  Story

Nira's Family - Nira + Ian + 2 daughters

Hello! Welcome to our page! 


My name is Nira and I am a genetic counselor-turned-graphic designer. Different, right? 


I have always been creative and loved art. But, in college, my love for genetics and for people initially took me in the direction of a master's degree in genetic counseling. Being a genetic counselor, saving lives, educating people and empowering them to take control of their health where they can, has been more rewarding to me than I could describe in words. However, over time, burnout started settling in and my anxiety became untenable.

Throughout my career, I have been drawn to projects that involve creating clinical educational materials for patients and healthcare providers. But I lacked the tools to design them effectively. So, I went back to school for an associate's degree in graphic design. To say my life has already changed drastically is an understatement! However, I was not ready to give up on my genetic counseling career. I am still a genetics geek after all.

My husband, Ian, has been nothing but supportive in my "mid-life career crisis" and he encouraged me to open my own business to combine these two passions . After all, he has a huge heart that is driven to help people, and an incredible business brain.

So, here we are, the magic duo, making it happen. My mission is multifold; through beautiful visual designs, I want to:

  1. Inspire people to be their own advocates.

  2. Educate people and communities about genetic risks. 

  3. Empower medical professionals by providing templates to use in their messaging.

  4. Raise awareness for important causes. 

Join me on my mission to educate and inspire! Browse my collection of genetics-based digital art and display it publicly to spark conversations and motivate people ask questions.  

Interested in something we may not have?
No problem! We'd love to create something customized just for you! Let's talk! 


Nira Johnson

Founder, Designer.
Genetic Counselor and Graphic Designer

Hello! My name is Nira and I am one of the founders of Designs by NKJ.

I am a genetic counselor (GC) and a graphic designer. Cool, right? Well, I've been a GC since 2013 and a graphic designer since 2021. I am passionate about educating individuals about their genetic risks as well as teaching providers how to discuss them with patients.

I am determined to create beautiful personalized DNA designs as well as educational materials that provide quality education to patients and providers in creative ways.  

Ian Johnson Head Shot

Ian Johnson

Business Manager. Network Engineer.

Hello! My name is Ian and I am the co-founder of Designs by NKJ. I focus on business process and technology. I am a software engineer by trade with a degree in business management.

I love understanding businesses and it has always been my passion to find ways to develop them through process development and technology. 

I am excited to join Nira on this journey to provide graphic design and marketing services to those who can appreciate and enjoy her creativity. 



Logos, Icons & Branding

I design custom logos and icons for your needs. With that, I offer the option for a customizable stationary package

Is this something you are looking for? I'd love to work with you! 

Infographics & Educational Collateral

One of the problems I've always run into as a genetic counselor is the lack of good, accurate, and clear collateral for patients and providers. Printed information that patients can take home, or cards/cheat sheets that providers can keep and continually refer to. 

I'd like to solve that problem by creating customized collateral for your needs (postcards, brochures, posters, trifolds, patient checklists, and more).  

For Those Who Love Genetics and Medicine

Do you work in the medical field? maybe you are a genetic counselor (GC)? Or maybe you know an amazing GC and you want to get him/her the perfect gift... regardless of who you are, Check out my Etsy Store

I create art and creative gifts (some of which can be customized) that are themed around genetics and medicine.



Get Inspired. The best designs are right here. 

I provide my customers with quality designs that are edgy, unique and inspiring. Check out some of my work and get inspired yourself.

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